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A Plethora of Crossovers This Way Cometh

It’s a Multiverse Out There!

In the eternal words of 1960’s Batman's Robin the boy wonder, “Holy fuck, I think I just shit my pants Batman!” I, for one can totally understands his sentiment. Well, that’s how it started when I first heard what is going on in the film worlds of DC and Marvel. I had theories on what was coming and I was on the right track and could not be happier. Lets just hope they can pull it off.

What an exciting time for DC and Marvel movie fans! For those of us who still feel like a twelve-year old every time we pick up that weekly book, monthly release or watch the latest installment on the big screen. “That’s right chum, we all have the right to be selfish sometimes.” Well. We do. We love our escapism. The geeks are we.

We the fans have been there when they have failed. We also are there when they excel. Just like in the books and animated shows we have enjoyed through the years. Heroes don’t always win as we have seen many times. That is what you do when you follow a title, character or storyline. You root for your team. After failed attempts and a corporate takeover, DC Universe is coming back to the big screen in a major bad ass way while Marvel is at a crossroads hoping their new line of TV shows will keep the streak of success in line, bolstering the movies that are currently delayed due to the Beer Bug.

I am not one of the people that are going to pit these two universes against each other as they are being brought to screen. What’s better. Who cares? I love this stuff. I like the cheap movies, the popcorn blockbusters, I like the small stories and the epic intertwined story arcs. Elseworlds, multiverses with dimensions; twisted, large and small. I am fifty-one and I have waited to see this shit since I was a little kid. So yes, sign me the fuck up!

Multiple versions of the greatest superhero's in pulp and on screen? Check. Multiple Superman actors like Tom Welling in talks about coming back as Smallville's Superman and Brandon Routh playing Kingdom Come Superman continuing Christopher Reeves Superman universe. According to a new rumor out there we may get Nick Cage as Superman to Keaton's Batman from Tim Burton's world. AHHH! Double check the hell out of that! Wait. Did you say Michael Keaton coming back as Batman? No fucking way! What? Yep! Checkity check, check, check! Plus, many more than that in the upcoming film adaptation of DC comics Flashpoint?

Yes, you could say I am excited to hear about this. If DC pulls this off it will be the coolest comic book movie ever made, at least in my mind. We already know Marvel can do anything. They are great at what they do, I applaud them. Now though, the competition is sounding formidable. But no worries! Our beloved superheroes on both sides will belly up to the bar and take it on like the latest threat and hopefully blow all our minds, giving us the well needed escape. Right now, the world needs a win psychologically it seems. Hopefully the heroes can bring it. Question is, will there be a theater business to return to? The gals and guys in tights and capes can swoop in and save the day if allowed. The theater business is in peril as they figure out a way to safely return to telling these new stories.

If anyone watches the CW and their DC Universe, you know that this has already happened on the TV, Last year's Arrowverse cross over event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. What it did was crossed over every DC comic property that has ever been on screen or television, even going back to Batman 1966 with Burt Ward. Worlds collided as we saw when Grant Gustin’s TV version of The Flash interacted with the DC Film Universes portrayal of the same character, simply different worlds. Both admiring each other's suits and poking fun. The event set up things for DC Universe’s well-loved story called Flashpoint. What Crisis did was light it all up, changing everything across all mediums their stories are told.

Marvel comes to the table with Wanda Vision and Doctor Strange 2 which will introduce the multi-verse concept that all fans have been patiently waiting for as the studio authorities finally accepted their audiences are not stupid. Well, at least some of them. 

Being a hero is always doing the right thing even when it may seem wrong, no matter the cost. That seems to be lost on a lot of people these days inside and outside of the comic book industry. The oxford dictionary defines the word as listed.

Hero – a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Imagine the kind of stories the big two companies who produce superhero movies will give us now that there are multiverses front and center. A plethora of crossovers, this way cometh! Personally, I cannot wait!

Will Marvel have multiple Spidey’s fighting the Sinister Six that comes across multiple worlds? Now imagine Nick Fury leading the six and he is evil, and the Green Goblin sacrifices himself to save Peter Parker from a death dealing blow. That is one movie I would love to see. We can get really cool one off story’s that every comic book fan old and new would enjoy alongside the fans who have never read an adventure held together with your imagination and a staple.

Will DC have Michael Keaton’s Batman face off against Hawkgirl played by Thandi Newton, Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman and her invading army led by Halle Berries Isis? Imagine Batman taking the help from Senator Lex Luthor’s and his company, formerly Wayne Tech after killing Superman with a single round and Aided by the court of Owls. Led by Ben Affleck's Batman, David Tennent's Doctor Fate and Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman. The list of idea’s that come to mind right off the bat are both compelling and endless in cross over potential. Exciting news if you are someone like me. The thing about comics and heroes is the underlying message of hope against all odds with cool stories and great artwork.

Any of the above ideas were to happen, I would be totally cool with it. I of course am available to consult if they need any help. HA!

The rumors continue to be absolutely batshit crazy for the serious fan and the casual movie goer. Tom Cruise possibly as alternate universe Iron man? Get the fuck out! Red Hulk, Fantastic Four, the dark illuminati, Thunderbolts? Holy crap, my inner child is mid sugar bender right now.

Stories continue to circulate on Dc casting possibilities as well. They both seem to be pulling out the stops. If there is limited box office money now due to the current situation the world is dealing with then people are going to have to earn that dollar. Not casually but make these movies not just visual spectacles but a butt load of fun, like movies used to be.

It makes sense to me that the timing of these multiverses coming to screens worldwide as soon as they are able because the world is also living in multiverse of confusion and hatred in the heat of the moment. We need our heroes back, we need our neighbors and families back as a cohesive unit, however that looks it is all good to me. The theme seems to be about coming together and the big blue marble could use a little of that right now.

There are so many stories they can now mix and match and exchange with new characters no one has ever seen on screen. I hope there is a 1960’s Universe with Avengers and the Fantastic Four or Kingdom Come adaptation with older heroes dealing with their heroic deeds and the personal cost to them. They can now tell these other stories without harming the other franchises that may use the same characters as multiple worlds are now known by the observers, you the general audience.

This is the time when they can really clinch how great some of the comic book stories over the years have been nothing short of spectacular, filled with action and out of third world visuals that bring you into another world ready to face the challenge. I am happy to say both DC and Marvel seem to be doing that. After all, I am a fan of both universes.

There is one word from our old buddy Stan Lee (who we all miss and love) that really seems to sum it up in a way we can all understand. Excelsior!


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