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Apocalyptic Art

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Everyone is familiar with the dark ages and have heard about the age of enlightenment, as well as a termed section of history known as the renaissance. Now, what made that period so well-known at least in the minds of anyone who has studied art in any of its forms? It was because it came into being after a time of darkness, or loss on a grand scale. Plagues, religious wars, and local battles had rattled most of Europe, the continent that branded recent human history, blessed by the church of course.

The great forests of Europe had been depleted due to its need for timber to forge weapons of death man has always needed an endless supply of. A bleak time in our history, but looking back; what period is not? Just because someone wins a war that does not mean they were right or truthful. Chances are they are framing it to make them to look good in modern eyes, facts be damned. This space right here is where the many forms of art, literature, comedy, music, dance and even the moving picture have drawn a modern point of reference. So much so that there is before and after the renaissance.

Back to present day, there is a lot of strife going on in the world right now, as everyone can clearly see. Some understood, some not, some ridicules and totally irrational. Seems to be the way of the world when you have people on all sides wanting to dictate and micromanage everything that you do, but not them. every action, every thought and now your spending choices are looked at as political statement. How about you fuck right off?!

When speech is limited or stunted, that is where art is supposed to do its job and artists then become the front line, the first shot and the last line of defense in dark times. We are the record keepers, but the thing about art is it is supped to be honest and UN-corruptible. Artists are the true historians of emotion as it connects itself to an era. We have come to be at a time where a time of reason is needed in vast abundance. The cool thing about art is that, like everyone it is different from the one before it, so goes art. Why? everyone sees the world in a different way, and they express it so. Loudly, without apology. To apologize would be offensive.

Art has many new interpretations and avenues to be seen, heard, and felt. But it has become corrupted and its ideology has creeped in as it did with religious art from the past. Some make it to make a buck, some make it and tell the story within the illusion of what is supposedly presented. a mental sleight of hand fully rooted in symbology, hidden meanings, and psychological warfare. By observing these images and thought of song and 140 characters, you can see what has infected their way of thinking and leads to hateful opinion rather than a healthy exchange of ideas. If you refuse to debate you are essentially claiming supremacy, which is dangerous in any form. Some can look beyond and behind it, seeing through the way it is presented to get the real message of the performer, artist, or author.

Art or the written word is sometimes created to ease your troubles, your busy mind. An escape. Sometimes the message is simple. Sometimes there just isn't one, it is your reaction that makes it art. Most everyone has an opinion on what is good and what is bad in the art word. Well, they are all right and they are all wrong at the same time. If you like it, you like it. No need to apologize to anyone. The artist has already bled, you are just taking credit for it.

During this time of course I have kept in close touch with artist fends of all types. Great creative minds in illustration, photography, filmmakers, poetry, literature, screenwriters and of course musicians. We have discussed the one hope we all have shared in our conversations besides wishing all humankind good health in this unique time we seem to be living in. It has changed all our lives in one way or another at least in some respects. What we wish is for great works of art to be created by all that are trying, coming back, or continuing with their creative journey.

Our bodies may have been or still are in lock down but that doesn't mean our minds have to, Beware of someone trying to capture your thought process as it is east to infect in this time of our modern hyped plague. But like the time following the dark ages hopefully artists have taken to the canvas, writers to the page and musicians to their instruments. When creating this art it is more important than ever that they feel the expression flowing through their fingertips making fun of the works, making bold statements and most important of all criticizing even their own beliefs and taking a critical look. If they do not do that, they have ls the ability to be honest, the root of all art. If they cannot do that, then all is lost.

So, as I wrap this up, I have great hope someone is finishing the modern equivalent of the Mona Lisa, The Statue of David or even a guitar solo. May we all see an explosion of art and creativity in the months to come and the years ahead when art may be the last place one can express themselves before being punished for thinking something different then the flock.

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