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Maybe Y'all Need a Little Reboot Jesus!

Reboot Jesus To BE Released. he Rises April 1, 2021

Hello Humans!

My apologizes for not blogging the past couple of weeks. Just a lot going on. The election was a joke as were the candidates, so there is that and not gonna get into it because the country has had enough of everyone’s bitching and moaning. Say what you want, but we can do better all around. Did not want to get caught up in that, just go on social media if you are acting like you seriously do not know.

Also had a health thing, nothing major just could not use my left arm for a half a week and then had to get my book Reboot Jesus ready for the editor, which was the main cause really. Book comes out April 1, 2021 and it has been six years in the making.

The editing process is uncomfortable for me. I am dyslexic as I have mentioned. Getting the first book to a pace where it looked like a book was some doing. Had some help from my fellow authors and writers along the way which was helpful even if just talking it out. Kudos to you and you know who you are.

What I saw beginning to happen when I started writing this everyone told me it would never happen. Well I saw it coming down the road, it did happen and is still happening its just people are now tired of grown ups acting like spoiled little children. That so happens to be the subject of the book. I saw what could happen turn into something that is. I write satire for fucks sake! How does that happen? Well just like it has always happened in the past. The second you are unable to question authority, the game is over. Anytime authority says you cannot question them they are inherently full of shit.

So here we are six years later (I also have written other books in this time, but Reboot Jesus is the first release in the Reboot Universe) and the sixth book of mine is being written now that it is off to the editor. Had to pause before getting into the nitty gritty details, expanding the universe and the pallet my characters explore and expose.

It is funny when you tell people you write. You get all kinds of responses like “OH what do you really do?” or “Seriously, YOU are writing a book?” to “Still writing that book huh?” (ass rolled eyes with that one. Some people just do not get it and that is fine. How long do you spend on a one-page email? Good. Shut up. Hahahaha

In the coming months the website will be expanding and a Patreon page is also being built, where I have blogs pertaining to the writing of my novels and the cast offs from my main blog that just do not fit in. Available there will also be a handful of short stories and novellas. There will be comedy skits there as well and even custom podcast aside from the upcoming “That 1 Uncle” podcast for those that support my creative endeavors on Patreon.

For those of you who know I had to not do my comedy podcast due to not feeling the funny due to my brothers passing who was my comedy partner in crime. IT took a while to get the funny back and to grieve properly.

Sometimes when a year has just demolished you all it takes is having a few good buddies (I include my sons in this) to help you through it. Sometimes it is just hanging out with your best bud from seventh grade who came into town for a medical emergency and understands it all and yet does not preach. There will be suggestions and open dialog and sometimes that is the best medicine. I play a character in public most of the time. I am different slightly in person and I can be extremely serious I just do not like to live there. Buddies also know when to not say anything or to understand the things that are unable to be understood at the time. It is this time when even the most passive of friends will protect you in the way they know how. That is fucking golden.

I take pride that I can go to people no matter what and they will be there. I know people say the same about me. Helping others is not about money, it’s time and an ear. A joke and a hug. A great story with a meal. Helping others is often done in silence or in private. Sometimes though you have to announce it. People may balk at it when they see it online, but there are a lot of shitty people out there who do not know how to act in that manner and need to see in order to be taught. But anyone who bitches about others helping others is just a ripe piece of shit waiting to be stepped on anyway. Bygones.

The jester is no longer silent and is ready to resume his smart assed activity, making others smile, laugh and spit out their drink. You may not like my humor and that is perfectly ok. Your position on that doesn’t not affect my ability to deliver it.

Thanks for listening and hanging out on the couch. I will see you Friday!

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