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Netflix has caused a Social Dilemma

NETFLIX has caused a Social Dilemma with their new aptly named Documentary.

Kinda funny to see people's reaction to documentary Social Dilemma now streaming on Netflix. Like it is a surprise that you and everyone here are being manipulated (as told to the audience many times by the architects themselves)? I have been saying this for years to many a rolled eye. It is not a conspiracy theory when it is true, it is conspiracy. An admitted one. Stop letting them fuel your rage and manipulating your emotions for their profit by trading on human futures. Not cool. Feel used and dirty yet or do you have to hit a dopamine button (the like button)? Skynet is not a robot threat; it is a freaking app!

I have spent decades researching and studying propaganda methods, symbology, and mind control techniques (government programs) as well as their effects on the populace. Over the past thirty-five years, due to the work my father and grandfather hands on military and government intelligence. It felt only natural to investigate these things that the two generations of men in my direct line had done before me. It became a regular item on my reading list or discovering various documentary or television specials from around the world where able to discuss this very subject. It was only natural I helped sell needless shit on endless national commercials.

My Dad was also a stage magician and illusionist. I have been around manipulation techniques my entire life. I saw those same things that my Dad would do in his act to distract, trick, and manipulate the crowd into falling for the deception as they begged to be fooled in churches, schools, corporations, government, and media.

If you have been on social media, you have experienced or at least seen the waves of rage that are directed at each of us in one way or fashion at one point in time (at least one)on the hourly, a lot of the time for something stupid. Some things are legit and should be changed. Sometimes the rage is pointed upward with no real reason for it other than it is a slow day, and the program must run constantly for it to work. So many people have become a constant source of insistent complaining about every little detail in their life as well as yours. Often when things do not even directly affect them. They will come into your living room because they do not like the couch you have, force everyone to buy a certain kind of couch and then telling you as they leave they only sit on chairs...but they still are offended at the couch you sit on that they would never sit on anyway. Now you have a shitty, undersized, and completely uncomfortable couch to sit on that now causes issues with your health and well-being. Anytime someone tries to come at me with bully tactics I can only utter one response and that is, “get fucked.”

Seriously though. Let's do an experiment. Take one day this week and count the times you check your phone in a day. How many times you check your social media in a day? Then read this again. Come back and discuss your findings and see what other people are saying.

I tend to believe that it is dangerous to hand off any delegation of rights we all have to a list of corporations. Now, in general why is it that people are ok with these corporations limiting and even censoring freedom of expression and trusting them with that, but at the same time hate big corporations. They do not trust them as far as they can throw them but let's give them freedom of expression editorial. FUCK THAT. I mean come on these fuckers are honest right? If the social media bully pulpit is perpetuated, then they will let the loss of freedoms ring. That is personal corruption. When you are ok with nasty shit if your belief system wins. That right there is a classic case of bullshit. They are corrupting your thought processes enough to not go to the holidays at your families or not talking to your friend you have had for decades because he wore a hat, or she wore a hat. Same difference and still stupid. But you keep taking it. Chugging it from the of barrel of hate cleverly branded in blue or to be seen free as a bird.

That is what these companies are doing. They are being paid to divide us down to the individual level. Keeping you pissed off and pissed on enough to have a coronary event every time someone breathes, spewing dictates to everyone and feeling righteous about it. It has turned into you can't wear this, you can't say that, you can't watch that, you cannot listen to that idea, you can't read that, can't think that, not that color, not that photo and the list goes on. How much of this is due to the manipulation being carried out across all these platforms people are addicted to like it is the sweetest drug that have ever existed. It has become a cult that has gotten out of hand. The behavior is cult like. A digital messiah in tow and an army of demons to defeat all while preaching destruction for the almighty dollar. You are being conditioned, seasoned. Led to slaughter as they used to say. The enemy of the moment they train you to destroy. They train you to hate the beast. Well I hate to break it to you, but the beast is you.


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