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Santa Claus and The Merry Christmas Thing

Where the Hell did Santa go?

So here we are, Christmas time once again. Albeit in a fucked-up year, like no other we have seen before. Such a weird thing to have happen to us, and a symbol of childlike happiness has been oddly missing or downplayed this year. What I speak of is the big jolly one, the fat elf in charge, King of the North Pole, the forever lovable Santa Claus himself (do not worry, I know he is a fictional character). Where did he go?

To be fair, and in the honesty of full disclosure I collect Santa’s and have for thirty years. I have an extensive and eclectic collection. My niece Desiree giving me my first Santa that still comes out every year and is the one pictured for this blog. Every Christmas Day I wear my peanuts (Snoopy and the gang) T-shirt since year one with my boys. It is on standby, waiting with a new addition this year, Christmas themed bourbon socks. It is not Santa of course but good cheer comes in many forms. Maybe I will bring out the collection again next year. I always break out a few, just have not had the whole thing out in a few years. The kids are now men and it’s just me after all. Maybe I just need another kick ass Santa, and all will be well. Maybe I need to be in a friggen Hallmark movie with a rock and roll ending. Hell if I know.

Let’s get the Christian thing out of the way up front. To me and many others Santa has nothing to do with any religious connection apart from sharing the same day of the celebrated birthday of an ancient religious literary figure. Nothing about Santa says Jesus anyway, at least not in this century. Santa was made up for a marketing campaign after he was changed from St. Nickolas and then Chris Kringle, adhering to the code name of Santa Claus.

St. Nicks story stretched back to 280 A.D in Turkey, near Myra. This is where he became the protectors of sailors and children. He eventually merged with England’s Father Christmas and merging with the Germanic yule season and taking many page rituals and settings making the modern Christmas and that of Kris Kringle, rebooted once again to become the man of another name, the one that excited hundreds of millions of kids every year. Good ole Santa Claus showed up and was a boom for advertisers in the late 1800’s. Think of how many generations of family tried to make good for Santa over the last two hundred years alone.

Things change, taken. Borrowed and mixed up to create something new from something old. Why? So, they could control the narrative separate from the one under the Popes rule and a King’s whim.

The poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas." Written by cartoonist Thomas Nast also played a role in the creation of Santa Claus modern image with sleigh and reindeer in town and of course that belly that laughed like a bowl full of jelly.

Some will say “It’s the war on Christmas”. You know…enough of that. If it helps you through the day then more power to you. I however think differently. Even as an Atheist I can tell you are full of shit and not because of my belief. Your belief system was just used as a crushing authority over generation after generation that we the people of this planet can now not attach ourselves. After two thousand years of outright abuse many now refuse to buy into your oppression or manipulation, souls hanging in the balance. That is what some people are mad at who keep up this laughable narrative. Your threats of burning in hell do not fly and we find those threats funny. When people say they are Christians and then when they cannot get their way, go straight to “burn in hell,” well…what else do you need to know. On the other hand, I know a lot of fine and good people that identify as Christian. Same as my views there is good people and the jag offs who ruin it for others. I am no one to judge anybody. It’s like us telling you to burn in Mustafar (Where Darth Vader became Darth Vader). See, laughing like we do at you. Now we have something else in common.

I am not a fan of the “Happy Holidays” thing either. Say what you want. I do not get offended. There are militant Atheists that freak out over that and I chose not to. People who say that to me mean no harm. In a world where people treat others like shit and revel in personal destruction online, what is wrong with someone basically wishing you well. They are not trying to Baptize you for fucks sake. I even wish people a Merry Christmas. Feels good, they smile, and the kids smile. Who cares? Some make a federal case of it, I do not. Of course, I do not wish that to my buddies of other belief systems who do not celebrate it, that would be rude to do it, knowing that. But if you buy presents and receive presents chances are someone is gonna tell you Merry Christmas. It would be different if they said that then cornered you with a bible they have not read.

Back to the subject. Where did Santa go? I have seen a few in people’s years, not too much on TV or in advertising. Maybe the algorithm doesn’t count me in anymore because I am not a Grandpa yet (no fucking hurry but I am gonna be the best “Pops” ever I can tell you that)Seems advertisers and companies that bring us yearly Santa tales know everyone is having a hard time or may be financially compromised, unlike out ruling class of course. Caviar anyone?

Christmas was made a Federal holiday in 1870. One of our colonies even forbad it being celebrated. England had a law that lasted more than a decade that celebrating Christmas was illegal and the fest that followed also was.

We still have NASA tracking for the big guy in red and his sled of flying reindeers. We still have Christmas Cards and decoration. But Santa now and in the past forty years or so has been attached to commercialism and it’s to make people spend, share, give and receive every year. Even when people cannot afford it.

I do not celebrate the birth of the biblical character Christ; I celebrate Christmas for Santa and all the things he represents. He is always smiling and is known for laughter. I can relate to that on a personal level. I can be Santa like. Works for me and I do not owe him anything, he doesn’t promise me anything. But the couple of presents I get every year is a reminder to me to never lose the child inside myself. Not that that could happen, but nothing wrong with a reminder filled with good cheer and your favorite people hanging out and having a good time.

As usual thanks for hanging out o the couch, enjoying a holiday beverage and sharing a laugh or two. Enjoy the day!

Merry Christmas!

– V.

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