Read along with Vito's unique and comedic rants on society. Not driven by anger, but rather fueled by the stupidity of society at large as he gives witness with a front row seat on his views. Surprising thoughts will be put on to you, the unsuspecting reader. Just telling it like it is…in his mind, mind you. Vito Bupkis may not be politically correct but he is as honest as they come. He tells you what he is thinking rather than what you want to hear, maybe some things you do not. His stance is simple honesty and his willingness to understand, and call out those who call out, especially when they are swimming in hypocrisy.


Perfect for a daily reader or gift idea for a loved one who likes to tell it like it is or lacks a filter when out in the world due to common bullshittery.

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This fucking guy! Get your signed edition right from the man hiumself, Vito Bupkis. Since he doesnt "do computer shit" he comes over and signs them and Vincent ships them out.

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