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Author and a writer of screenplays, comedy skits, blogs and now the lofty novel. Known for my quick wit and a heavy dose of useless information mixed in an abstract stew of satirical stream of consciousness. I decided it was time to put it all my creative endeavors in one place.

If you want to investing in the current and future of my creative storytelling, join my journey of what is to come as we explore the Rebootiverse. I would love to have you come along on the adventure. Once my Patreon page is up, will go live and have many cool exclusives and extras!  It's where all the dirty shit is gonna live basically. But, one thing at a time. Don't worry there will be free extras here from this site if you sign up for the mailing list and follow the non subscription membership option. Pull up a chair and have a seat.

A lot of creatives these days now must dance a little harder to earn their dollar. As a creative content provider I appreciate every follower, reader and or fan that gives the Rebootiverse their loyal and sarcastic attention.

The purchase of my Author Specials and monthly subscription plan enables me to continue create content on a steady basis and timely manner. Thank you for your time and hanging out on the page couch. 


May your coffee always be right.


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