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Daredevil: Diamond Select, Marvel PVC “Gallery” Diorama Series Retail Price: $49.99

There are a lot of options these days on how one can spend your money as a collector. The past year has made it a collector’s world. In a world locked down, a lot of people began collecting things of all kinds. For us comic book and sci-fi peeps, a lot of us started recollecting things we traded out or sold years ago. Some sold their collections as they made room for other things or just streamlining the existing collection they already have.

Some people think you have to spend a ton of cash to start collecting. Well, you do not. Some start out with comics, then get into action figures as they are widely available. From there they may veer off into t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, movie props or statuary. Now there are some really cool high-end statues. But most fans into collecting can’t afford or do not want to drop up to and beyond five hundred dollars. Not that they do not want those, it’s just a budgetary thing.

This is a great place to start collecting statuary. This months theme is PVC dioramas made by Diamond Selct. This is from their Marvel Gallery Series, limited to a production run of 1,000 pieces. You won't break the bank to get into a few really nice looking pieces, maybe build a scene or two. Once you get into this you will move up as time goes on. With this price point of fifty dollars you can at least learn what you do and do not like as far as poses or materials or even how you light your collection. All making your collection more epic as it moves along and changes when you expand.

I happen to collect various things. My favorite characters growing up were Superman and Captain America, so I gravitate to that, but it’s never exclusive. Sometimes something just looks so bad ass you have to bring it home, because it just brings a certain amount of joy by having it in your growing obsession. Maybe it’s the piece that makes the rest of your collection feel better. Could be a new stand out or anchor.

Since comic book shops are struggling with the pandemic as many have closed. I luckily have a small local chain that have been around a long time. just to make sure they are getting business so they can survive as they have helped us survive life through the years.

The price point on the Diamond toys Gallery is $49.99 for their PVC diorama. They are absolutely beautiful! The detail they can now realize with advanced molding and exceptional sculpts you can get some great scenes from your favorite characters from movies, cartons, comic books, films, etc. For bigger pieces at reasonable process, you cannot go wrong with this line. Yes, I love the Marvel movies and most of the TV shows, they have done an amazing job. As much as I like Cap and Falcon, I do not want to collect the actors playing them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the job they have done. It is not a negative comment. I consume it all. I prefer the comic book look from characters I am into when it comes to my personal collection.

Standing at approximately 11 inches tall, Daredevil flies through the air of an abandoned church, with him he brings his own brand of blind justice to Hell’s Kitchen, where the man in red hangs his horns and calls home. No paint to touch up, nothing to break. Made of PVC the color takes to these figures well. The Daredevil Gallery edition comes in his original suit of Black, yellow and red trimmed costume and his classic all red suits. I went with all red, simply because I have yellow walls. Both looks great. For an approximately fifty-dollar price point, you can feel comfortable with your purchase and they look great with a little bit of lighting effects.

If you like the look of these, please check them online or better yet, go down to your local comic store and buy one. If they don’t have them in stock, have them order one or three for you. Sure, you could buy online. BUT, for the extra couple of bucks we get to see some of our buddies that some of us have not seen in over a year now. I know I will be going back next week for the next one to grace my shelf. I am thinking Batman.

Please support your local comic book store or wherever you purchase your geekery accessories and thanks for hanging out!

Come back again and let’s see what we can find.


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