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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Greetings humans! Welcome to the page! Thank you for checking this space out. The digital catch all of my brain. My idea pond so to speak.I know there are a lot of places you can go to spend your internet currency. That coveted time you spend in front of a screen looking for words of inspiration or rip roaring satire. The time spent looking for hope of a good joke, or funny videos, and cat meme's. If you an spare a few minutes a couple times a week for a quick laugh or a thought inducing subject. Then you will dig this space.

For those looking for geek culture, we have that for you as well. A place to discuss our beloved franchises in comic, books, films, sci-fi and beyond. This will be covered as a "that 1 uncle" podcast which will be launching soon.

As my books start to roll out with his upcoming publishing dates, this will be the one space you can get author exclusives such as signed copies, special editions and one off merch or Author packages. Hell, you can even quit your job in a funny way through this site, plus much more. I'm a giver don't you know.

With our other podcast and series of blogs called "Creative CTRL", we will discuss the creative process in depth, how things come together and of course the silly stories of dealing with the entertainment business as they often miss the mark and then blame the audience for. This will also a place to support new and legacy talent and discuss the process of what makes their projects tick, die or take off.

If you like the humor expressed here then you can wear it or drink out of it if you check out the merch page. Maybe you would like to support the creative process and follow me as a patron on out Patreon page which is being developed right now and will launch around the holidays. There you will be able to find blogs that do not fit on this page due to content=. From extended essays on the Vatican and various subject matter to cutting room floor media such as unused promo's sketches, videos and more. I haven't even mentioned the Patreon exclusive merch.

I want this space here to be fun filled, sarcastic, laugh inducing and god forbid maybe thought inducing, to make you think a little in a different way. So feel free to hang out, subscribe, support or just laugh with us who are also looking for that kind of outlet. When you are here, the coffee is always ready and our minds are always open but our comedy can be dark or completely illuminating. Either way, have a seat. Everybody is welcome here, I mean I let you in. Shit I let myself in.

Anyway, when it all comes down to it, the world is better when its filled with laughter. My aim is to add to that sound that distracts from constant complaining of the privileged few.

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